Prubechu began with a vision from business partners, Chef Shawn Naputi and General Manager Shawn Camacho, to bring a piece of home to San Francisco through the culinary arts. Both are proud native Chamorros of Guam and felt that their unique cuisine has been very under-represented in the culinary landscape of San Francisco and the nation as a whole. Prubechu serves classic flavors from Guam and the Marianas Islands using the finest ingredients from California’s farmer’s markets and adding a modern twist to traditional dishes. Chef Shawn interprets the classics by drawing inspiration from what is available seasonally while maintaining the integrity and soul of each dish.

Chamorro food is unique due to the many different influences that happened upon Guam throughout the centuries.  Between trading with fellow neighboring islanders and foreign visitors such as the Spanish Galleons, Japanese merchants, Filipino laborers and the post-war American influence, the people have combined flavors and techniques to create a distinct flavor profile unique to Guam and the Marianas Islands.

Located in the heart of San Francisco’s Mission District, Prubechu serves Chamorro inspired cuisine in a relaxed atmosphere and welcoming environment. Hospitality is of the utmost importance and we hope you feel our friendly island vibes when you walk through our doors.  

At Prubechu we are proud of our island culture and would be honored to share it with you. 

Saina Ma’ase